A huge warm welcome to our 24th Global Citizen, J. Currie.


J.Currie is from Chicago, Illinois, a formal serial entrepreneur turned spiritual wanderer. After what he can only describe as a spiritual awakening, about two years ago, J.Currie reached a point where he decided to begin living his life NOW rather than “planning to live his life” at point in the future.


As a serial entrepreneur, he founded over 7 companies, habitually working 70-80 hour weeks. Over a period of 10 years he watched as his physical health declined in addition to experiencing an increasing disconnect from life. “The closer I got to “success” I began to notice that with each new benchmark I achieved, rather than feeling a great sense of accomplishment, it would only necessitate the creation of an even loftier benchmark. This system I eventually realised was never going to lead to the happiness I had dreamed of.” he reflects.


In light of that revelation he decided to sell his businesses and spend the rest of his life living every day in a way that allows him to put his skills to the highest possible use while doing his part to help make the world a better place.


To learn to nourish his soul rather than his wallet. To seek out and surround himself with a community of like-minded people and to explore new ways of connecting to his higher self.



What makes you happy?

It really is the little things in life that provide me the greatest joy these days.


Looking out at the vista from a mountaintop, watching the smile on a child’s face, listening to the birds sing in a remote forest, the romantic embrace of a cherished partner, or feeling the sea air against my face as I travel across the ocean on a ship.


I have been focusing a great deal of my effort toward truly living in the Now of each moment.


I view the “new me” as a student of life, of spiritual laws, of esoteric studies and of humanity. I am on a mission not only to see the world and meet its people but hopefully leave it a better place than I found it. I haven’t figured out how yet but sharing the renewed passion I have for life with others seems like a good starting place.



What makes you sad?

The typical answer I might have included in this section would have read something like; “seeing all of the sadness and lack of fulfilment society experiences makes me sad”.


However, at this point in my spiritual journey I have come to realise that what some perceive as suffering has been been required by humanity in order for its collective soul to evolve.


Much the same way a mirror works, humanity has been gazing into a cosmic mirror, reflecting back the multitude of potential manifestations between the extremes of Pure Light and Darkness. We now stand collectively at the edge of humanities spiritual evolution.


A new dawn is on the horizon and it is through the sustained effort of those who have chosen to spread the love and light of the universe that this outcome is possible.



What makes you proud?

It brings me a great sense of honour to stand in the enormous footsteps of the far greater and enlightened masters of old, whose convictions and tireless efforts to elevate the consciousness of humanity have enabled those of us living now to realise their vision.


I am single most proud of the opportunity I have in this lifetime to enlist as a “spiritual foot soldier, “ and help pave the way for the advanced souls coming to help usher humanity into a golden age of peace and spiritual harmony.


I look forward to sharing this passion with other sleeping souls in an attempt to bring this spirituality consistent way of living out from the shadows and into the Light.



What makes you wonder?

Why is it that when someone tells you that there are over a billion stars in the universe, you believe them, but if they tell you there is wet paint somewhere, you have to touch it to make sure?



What does it mean to be human?

Humans spend a great deal of their time trying to change others.


Whether it is a partner trying to change their other half, a political party declaring they represent the will of their constituents, a parent trying to change their child to live the way they feel is most socially acceptable, etc….


We do this by attempting to impose our will upon others in a “do as I say; not as I do” fashion, expecting that if we can convince everyone else around us to change it will spare us the efforts of having to put in the work to change ourselves.


Gandhi has a famous quote; “Be the change you hope to see in humanity “


My feeling is that as spirituality aware beings we need to spend our time changing ourselves and hope that by observing that change, others will be inspired to work at their own change.




What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What have you been through that has made you stronger?

Who influences you to change for the better?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read Global Citizens.

Have a great day.

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