Interview 16

A huge warm welcome to our 16th Global Citizen, James Dornan.

James is 34 and comes from the birthplace of the sport rugby, Rugby! He is currently based in Nepal and has spent the past two months volunteering with a grassroots NGO, International Disaster Volunteers, heading up local reconstruction projects to help earthquake recovery.

James read somewhere that the two things people never regret on their deathbed are helping people and travelling. So he figured, why not just do both! Based not his previous volunteering positions in different countries as well as his time in Nepal, he can’t see why he would ever stop.

Thank you James for taking the time to share your thoughts with Global Citizens.


What makes you happy?

Very simple things; good health, good company and lots of food!

And bad puns…

There is no need to make life complicated.



What makes you sad?

Hmmmm… a week without exercise, a day without laughter.

I think both of these things keep our body and mind in good condition.



What makes you proud?

That I pretty much do what I want without giving too much thought to what other people think.

We all know life is too short but not everyone realises it.



What makes you wonder?

The crazy amount of variety and diversity in the world.

I mean…WOW!



What does it mean to be human?

To break out of the zoo we have created for ourselves!



What keeps your mind in good condition?

How diverse is your world?

How would you answer if you were asked?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read Global Citizens.

Have a great day.

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