Global Citizens 11 - Sarah-Marie Paeplow

A huge warm welcome to our 11th Global Citizen, Sarah-Marie Paeplow.

Sarah is 20 from Kimratshofen, Allgaeu Germany and has been living in Kempten for the past two years. Sarah grew up in a protected world with 9 brothers and sisters in a small village in Southern Germany and it is this family dynamic that gave Sarah the drive to spend 3 months travelling solo in Nepal.

Thank you Sarah for taking the time to share your thoughts with Global Citizens.


What makes you happy?

Helping other people makes me happy. It gives me a feeling of being useful.

Nothing is more impressive to me than to get a thankful smile from a child.



What makes you sad?

To realize that the world is ruled by the egoism of a few people who don’t care about the rest of the world. These few people have so much more money than the rest of the world combined! There is no balance of distribution of resources.

Also how irresponsible people are makes me sad. How they don’t deal with the conservation of nature and natural resources is incredible. It gives me the feeling of being unable to do something good in the world.



What makes you proud?

I’m proud of my amazing, big family. They are so supportive of my decisions and allow me to follow my own path.

I know I have a home to go to and will always be welcomed no matter where I am on my journey.



What makes you wonder?

It is amazing that there are people in the world who are trying to do their part for this world and don’t give up when they are confronted with problems.

This shows me that there is a little bit of hope for the future world in matters of humanity and nature.



What does it mean to be human?

To feel is to be human.

It is important to accept yourself.

Nobody is perfect and to be human is to accept yourself the way you are, then you are able to be useful for the rest of the world.

To me being human means to help other people step by step. Of course you can have a vision of a good world but I don’t believe that you are able to change the world in one step.


Can you say that you are doing your part to help?

What can you do to be useful for the rest of the world?

How would you answer if you were asked?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read Global Citizens.

Have a great day.

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