My name is Helen Lorraine Nkwocha, I am 40 from London. I have been living in Shanghai, China for the past 3 months working as football coach.

This is me…

I am a former London police officer and had chosen this career at the age of 14. I resigned after serving 15 years, having been a Sergeant for 8 years.

I chose to resign following the death of my Mother which helped me carry out a lot of self-reflection.

I decided to begin a career doing something which I had a passion for. I had played soccer for 23 years and retired through injury. And so, I effectively had a dual career for many years, balancing my Police career alongside soccer.

I gained qualifications which allowed me to transcend into a career as a soccer coach. Regrettably my marriage ended so I left the UK and continued my career overseas.

I am currently, apparently, the highest qualified female coach in China and I am preparing for another coaching exam to be taken at the end of this year back in the UK. My dreams and aspirations are pretty simple, just as I am.

I would like to make my Mother proud.

 What makes you happy? 

I am happy when I feel valued.

What makes you sad?

I think maybe when I have let my standards ‘drop’, so for example, not performing well at work when I know that I can.

It is definitely work-related, as this is a big part of who I am and my coaching is the reason that I am not where I had planned on being, doing what I had planned to do since the age of 14.

What makes you proud? 

When I have made others feel included.

I am confident and I like people around me and in my life who feel that they have access to me, and that I am not exclusive in my attentions.

I am proud that I have resisted the temptation to believe in my own ‘hype’.

What makes you wonder? 

Poor behaviour, selfishness.

I respect being part of a team and I am always left wondering why others don’t show a respect for working as part of a team. Not that we all have to work the same way, but just that we work towards a team objective. We all benefit and I have witnessed so much selfishness.

I will always wonder why people choose to be like that.

What does it mean to be human?

We are complex, but we can reflect and improve.

We break down, get things terribly wrong, and then we are fantastic again.

What do you value in others?

What do you hope others value in you?

What makes you fantastic?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read This is me…

Have a great day

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