Global Citizens 14 - Milly Macpherson-Bruty

A huge warm welcome to our 14th Global Citizen, Milly Macpherson-Bruty.

Milly is 28 from Wallingford in Oxfordshire and has been volunteering with IDV (International Disaster Volunteers) for the past three months.

Milly is the eldest of three sisters, has a degree in Classical Civilisations and Egyptology and has a professional background in community development.

She is currently travelling with her boyfriend and it started with buying a ticket to Indonesia in October. After spending two months in Indonesia, they spent Christmas in Australia with family and are now working on a farm and in a school in Nepal.

Thank you Milly for taking the time to share your thoughts with Global Citizens.


What makes you happy?

My family, friends and boyfriend make me happy because I enjoy a good conversation and laughing with them.

I also love dancing!



What makes you sad?

I feel sad at the thought of losing people and I think that is partly because of a fear that I don’t have the capacity to cope with loss well.

I often get sad when other people are sad.



What makes you proud?

I am proud that I am away and seeing more of the world now. It is something that a lot of people want to do but no everyone does. I am glad I was able to make it happen.

In my previous job I had a really hard time but I stuck it out and managed to achieve something by the end of my contract. I stuck to my gut instinct on certain things, which I questioned at the time, but now I am proud that I did.



What makes you wonder?

I wonder about what decisions you make in life and where they take you and how it all adds to the bigger picture.

I always think everything happens for a reason, but does it?



What does it mean to be human?

I think that it is to love.


What have you made happen in your life?

Does everything happen for a reason?

How would you answer if you were asked?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read Global Citizens.

Have a great day.

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