This is me… My name is Ruby. I am 31, from Brisbane, Australia. I have been working as a Scientific Consultant for almost 7 years.

While I have grown up in Australia, my heritage is Samoan. And for those that don’t know, it is a small Island in the Pacific!

For the past 3 months, I had been staying in Thailand as a Volunteer Missionary, primarily based in Nakon Pathom – Central Thailand. Towards the end of my trip, I took a mini break before returning home and here I had the pleasure of meeting Lilly on a rooftop at The City @ Fifty  in Bangkok.

I had taken extended leave from my role in Brisbane and decided to do something I genuinely enjoy which is to give back. Whilst being in Thailand, I was given the opportunity to assist across 8 different schools and 4 different orphanages! It was such a humbling experience to be part of such a beautiful community and actually live like a local, eat, cook with local food, learn about their culture and have a better understanding of Thai life. I had been to different places in Asia but they have always been for a short trips and every time I came home, it was never long enough!

So this time  I made it count! It has always been something I wanted to do!

I am passionate about serving and actually doing something. Don’t just say it, live it.

I am quite involved here at home too and I feel I am so blessed to have what I have – it only makes sense to share this with others!

I have now since returned home and have been home for the past three weeks. It has been quite an adjustment to settle back in and I can honestly say, I am definitely missing Thailand!



What makes you happy?

Being happy is not necessarily an emotion for me but more of a choice.

I believe you can choose to be happy no matter how little or how much you have. No matter what day it is or what situation you are in, the choice is yours to be happy!

So to answer this question, what makes me happy?

The fact that I can breathe and have life makes me happy and as corny as that sounds, it’s the absolute truth! We take so many things for granted.. that instead of living for the moment, we are bombarded with worries of tomorrow! Be happy!



What makes you sad?

What makes me sad is witnessing people who actually don’t know how good they have it and watching people who have so much potential abuse the opportunities that have been presented before them.

Selfish people also make me sad… There is so much hate, sadness, hurt already in the world, add selfishness in the mix and it spells disaster!



What makes you proud?

Meeting people like Lilly who aspire to make the world a better place with their skills and experience and with every opportunity they have been given!

When I witness this sparks of light in a world of darkness, this makes me proud…



What makes you wonder?

I wonder about a lot of things and life in general.

What is going to happen in the next 10 years?

When is Jesus coming?

Why is mental health becoming such an epidemic?

Why do people feel the need to hurt one another unnecessarily?



What does it mean to be human?

Loaded question!!!

My answer is short for this…to live with compassion and in harmony.



When was the last time you gave back?

What did you do?

Why did you do it?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read This is me…

Have a great day.

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