Interview 21

A huge warm welcome to our 21st Global Citizen, Maria Rodrigues

Maria is 31 from Lisbon, Portugal but has been living in England for almost 10 years and has been working as an Auxiliary Nurse in Southport for the past 3 years and 3 months.

Originally qualified in Graphic Design Maria realised that this was not her calling in life and not what she wanted to do. But what did she want to do? She didn’t know the answer to that question but she did know that no life should be lived as the life of another.

“Without realising who you are, happiness cannot come to you.”

These words to this day resonate deeply with her with such meaning. Being a gay woman in a religious family was a challenge, such a challenge that the best solution was to stay in the closet for many years and keep up the pretence that girlfriends were boyfriends as well as using other magic tricks. Maria knew she needed to get away in order to find herself, and this she did, finding a love for travelling and exploring the unknown, languages, books, writing, poetry, music, art, good and healthy food, working out, meditation – it is important to keep your mind and body in synchrony as much as possible.

She doesn’t know yet if she has found the right vocation for her; or if she has, not on the right location. So, in Ben Gibbard’s words; “I wish we could open our eyes

To see in all directions at the same time,

Oh what a beautiful view

If you were never aware of what was around you.”

So as aspirations go, mine is to able to see in all directions at the same time without the constricts of society and maybe then, find my true aspiration.


Thank you Maria for taking the time to share your thoughts with Global Citizens.


What makes you happy?

Experiences and moments that get to my soul and wake me up, that bring alertness to my being in a positive way.

Beauty in the details and beauty as whole make me happy; landscapes and places that make you gasp for air when met by their true awesomeness; art as a form of expression everywhere and anywhere.

Smiles and laughter…good laughter!

Innocent spontaneity, human compassion, the ocean and its breeze touching my face, the sand between me toes, my grandma’s smile and being with my family; the sun and it’s rays inundating my soul first thing in the morning.

I could go on…



What makes you sad?

Wow. Tough question…

…how nations can turn on and bully each other for selfish reasons,

…starving children crying,

…homeless men and women sitting outside shops while oblivious people walk by; the discrepancy between the rich and poor,

…the lack of equal rights and laws to protect minorities even to this day,

…how religion is misinterpreted in order to hurt others,


…rude and ill intended people,

…lack of justice in most platforms of life.

And why does all of this make me sad? Because we only have this lifetime to ‘do it right’, to create something special where we may or may not leave a legacy however we seem to want to spend most of this precious time we’ve got trying to or hurting others, damaging, taking advantage and destroying… and that is truly sad.



What makes you proud?

This is a very hard question because without wanting to sound arrogant I must say that I am proud of myself and what I have achieved and what I have overcome.

I am proud of many others things but I cannot think of them right now, so I shall get back to you on this one… 🙂



What makes you wonder?

Being a dreamer by heart I mostly wonder about anything and everything…

…our place in the world and how this world feels immense to us, and yet it is only a tiny spec of sand in the entire universe,

…how we got where we are and where we will go from here,

…human creativity and how it comes to be from a simple thought to a spectacular action,

…the process of ageing, so subtle and delicate yet so drastic and apparent all of a sudden,

…how humans are wired to follow and copy one another,

…how certain dreams can feel so real and provoke such real emotion,

…how languages were created and passed on,

…and so much more!


Someone told me once that ‘philosophy will teach you how to think.’ I think it has mostly taught me how to wonder, and why you ask? I told you already, I’m a dreamer by heart.



What does it mean to be human?

Now when I was first presented with this question, I thought I am breathing and I connect with the world and the world therefore connects with me. So that’s it.

But being human is way more than that.

Being human isn’t just about breathing and connecting. It appeals to our deepest, inner feelings.

Being human is looking at one another and SEEING one another.

Being human is grasping emotions and dealing with them in a rational way.

Being human is being able and capable of creating, it is being able to bring expression and feeling, being able to feel compassion and when presented with adversity, challenging it in a way that can be both productive and resilient.

Being human is about being able to put arguments on the table and coming up with solutions.

Being human is a skill.

We are all human but we can’t all call ourselves human.


Which place is the world has taken your breath away?

How do you think people see you?

How would you answer if you were asked?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read Global Citizens.

Have a great day.

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