Interview 22

A huge warm welcome to our 22nd Global Citizen, Girish.

Girish is 49 from Trichur, Kerala, India and has been living in Guangzhou, China for the past two years continuing his work as a Yoga Instructor and Therapist which he has been doing for the past 29 years.

As a university student Girish was into sports and karate training. During this period he accidentally came to know about yoga and fell in love with it. He studied yoga and became a teacher by the time he graduated.

Since 1987 he has been teaching yoga in India, the UAE, Thailand and now he teaches in China. He loves the personal approach of the science of Yoga which helps each person start from where they are and supports them as they grow into a more complete person – not just physically but emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

Besides teaching yoga and meditation, Girish loves travelling to new places and photography. Another interest close to his heart is listening to Sufi Gawalli songs… they are very calming and bringing a state of a serene mind.

Thank you Girish for taking the time to share your thoughts with Global Citizens.

What makes you happy?

Firstly, I am happy when I am doing things that I am passionate about. I like my freedom and to give freedom to my friends and students to open up and speak honestly with me.

Happy in realising the interdependency of every life/thing in this world.

Happy to be able to bring a smile on another face daily, happy to be of help to at least one person everyday.

What makes you sad?

Sad to see that with so much advancement in education, we are hardly teaching our younger generation how to deal with their minds.

Sad to see that religion – whose founders where the epitome of PEACE and LOVE – has become a reason for so much bloodshed in the world.

Sad when I am in a situation where I want to but can’t help someone.

Sad also when I don’t uphold a decision I made regarding myself!


What makes you proud?

When I see a student making progress.

Proud when I can withstand a difficult time by solving the problems from the lesson my teachers taught me.

Proud when I see all of us are trying to make this world a better place for tomorrow – realising that we are all growing not just materially but spiritually too.

What makes you wonder?

Wonder why when many times I know what is right I refrain from doing it.

Wonder when things are so negative around us how we still get the strength to live through it.

Wonder when we can let go of physical boundaries and live as ONE citizen of the world interconnected by spirituality and not divided by religion.

Wonder how a baby knows its mother instinctively.


What does it mean to be human?

Being essentially who we are! and not getting compartmentalised by physical/social/religious restrictions…

Realising the interdependency of life and taking care of yourself without hurting another.

Giving a helping hand when someone needs.

Lending an ear when someone needs.

Being honest to yourself and others!

Making friends with the face you see in the mirror every morning and every night!!!


When was the last time you didn’t stand by a decision you made?

Are you friends with your reflection?

How would you answer if you were asked?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read Global Citizens.

Have a great day.

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