The Atlas Of Emotions – A great website giving a unique insight into the breakdown of emotions and related behaviours.

Yoga with Adriene – A great Yoga YouTube channel with a very engaging teacher.

One Green Planet – So many yummy recipes and ideas for following a plant based lifestyle.

Vipassana Meditation – A 10 day silent meditation retreat with locations all over the world.

I ❤ Intelligence – 40 sites to learn new skills… every day is a school day.

Coursera – Free online courses from top universities all over the world with a huge range of subjects.

Teaching Tolerance – A great website full of ideas and forums focusing on teaching tolerance. Also have some great magazines full of interesting stuff. Mainly aligned with the American curriculum.

Daniel Rechtschaffen – A great website to introduce Mindful Education to anyone interested in Mindfulness and children.

True Activist – This website has a lot to offer, this link will take you to the Free Books page where there are 100 legal sites to download literature.

Medium – A website sharing big ideas, this link focuses on 10 schools that are changing the way we see education.

Teachers Pet – A great website for teaching resources that is aligned with the UK curriculum.

Go Givers – Over 150 KS1 and KS2 PSHE lessons and related material. It is aligned with the UK curriculum.

Inspire My Kids – A website for children and teachers full of inspiring stories, pictures, quotes and lesson plans.

Workaway – The best way to travel and really experience life.

Expanded Consciousness – So much information about health, nutrition, science, mediation… This link takes you to 300+ Documentaries to Expand Your Consciousness

Films For Action – Endless amounts of links here, a little something for everyone. Some are free some are not.

Brain Pickings – Beautiful stories, amazing art, so much to learn.

Comfy Tummy – A website dedicated to make your tummy comfy through diet.

The RSA – “The mission of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is to enrich society through ideas and action.”


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