This is me…

My name is Jasmin and I am 29 years old, from Jülich, Germany. I currently live in Beijing where I work as a teacher at the German Embassy School. I have spent 4 years in Beijing and recently returned from travelling around Europe and South America.

What makes you happy?

Sunshine makes me happy.

It gives me so much positive energy and always makes me in a good mood, no matter how tough life is.

And the laughter of kids, that’s wonderful as well.

What makes you sad?

Not being able to spend enough time with the people I love.

I have friends all over the world, but of course I can’t be everywhere at the same time.

I do miss my friends a lot of the time.

What makes you proud?

That I live the life I love and that I chose to be happy.

My life was not always that happy and I am proud that I finally changed it and decided to make the best out of it.

What makes you wonder?

That so many people miss life because they are not doing what they love or dream of.

Life is so short, we should do more of what makes us happy.

What does it mean to be human?

Being human means having responsibilities.

Compassion towards all living beings and trying to be the best version of ourselves every single day.

It is not easy, but I like challenges!

When was the last time you enjoyed the sunshine on your face?

If you are missing someone, why not call them to say hi?

How would you answer if you were asked?

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