24th May 2015

So what are you waiting for!



At school we are talking about friendship, my Grade 4’s and I had a good chat about what makes a good friend and what makes a not so good friend and as I plan my trip back home to catch up with old friends and my move to Guilin to meet new ones, I take comfort in the fact that regardless of age or nationality or gender or religion, a friend is a friend.


Class Meeting.jpg


Some stay for a while.
Some for as long as possible.
Some come and go.
Some have gone forever.


They are there when you need them.
And when they need you.


Some you see everyday.
Some you see every 2 years.


Some are in the same time zone as you.
Some are getting up as you go to sleep.


Some compliment your lifestyle choice.
Others live an opposite existence.


Some know you deepest darkest secrets.
Some tell you theirs.


Some you have seen naked.
Maybe some you have kissed or even dated.
While the thought of kissing others is the most absurd thought in the world.


Some introduce you to new ideas.
Some, sticking with what they know, provide a you with a safety blanket.


Some speak the same language as you.
Some don’t and you have your own unique language.


The situations go on and on and on the more people you meet and the more diverse your friendship circle becomes. I have lived abroad since 2007 and have met some wonderful people from almost every corner of the globe and to be honest even some countries I never even knew existed!


I am so amazed when I say, hand on heart, I have friends in 20 different countries. And these aren’t the by and by friends, these are the real ones. The good eggs 🙂


So what are you waiting for! Tell your friends how wonderful they are! Call them, email them, text them, message them, hug them… What ever you do don’t forget to tell them you love them 🙂

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