What do you see when you look

5th April 2015

Breathe and remember life’s simple pleasures


‘It is hard to be around people who see the world in a different way’

These few words resonated so loudly with me and shone a light onto the exact reason as to why I had been so flabbergasted & frustrated over these past few weeks at work.

These past few weeks have been really tough and very emotionally draining. I have been questioning myself, my boss, my school and found no answers. It took a conversation with a stranger at Open Up Space in Shanghai this week to find the clarity I was looking for.

Remembering people approach situations from a different angle, place importance on different areas and come with different motivations is something that can be easily overlooked. What is glaringly obvious to one is not to another and unless your values are the same, your goal the same, your beliefs have the same substance to them, there will always be a conflict of interests.

So what to do????

Explaining doesn’t always work. People aren’t always ready to listen.

So, when it gets overwhelming, when things build up, when you want to throw in the towel, take a moment.

Breathe and remember life’s simple pleasures.

Things that make you 🙂

A lot 🙂 🙂 🙂

And with a more positive frame of mind approach the situation from a new angle, one of love and happiness and respect.

And if you still make no headway, maybe it is time to chose your battles.

These are my simple pleasures from today….

1 – Jazzy sneaking under the duvet for cuddles.

2 – A taxi stopping at a zebra crossing.

3 – Receiving a postcard from a friend.

4 – Spending the afternoon in the park with my friends.

5 – Learning how to play a new sport & knowing I will never play it again.

6 – Someone asking for advice & listening to it.

7 – Getting the washing up done & no food getting left over in the plughole!

8 – Writing my friend’s birthday card.

9 – Enjoying a walk by the river and watching the sun go down.

10 – Chatting with my friends in China, UK, Nepal & Switzerland.


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