Love is all around me

8th March 2015

…don’t forget how amazing life is…

Coming back from Nepal, a country I have fallen madly in love with, to Shanghai, a city I am gradually falling out of love with, was  really tough last month.


Finding the good in Shanghai was not as easy this time round, not only because I had just spent my time in Nepal in relatively quiet, clean and peaceful surroundings, but the heavy air pollution managed to hide a good proportion of Shanghai from me. As some of you may know there is a very insightful presentation that has caught the world’s attention called Under The Dome and while I am glad I watched it as I am now less ignorant of what is happening around me, it did nothing to lift the sombre mood of being back in Shanghai.


But luckily help was at hand! Yeah 🙂


And it came in the form of three wonderful friends Amy, Stella & Jess ❤


These past few weeks I have been fortunate enough to have been able to invest some really good quality time with some of my closest friends, both in person and on Skype. Some of us had been away over Chinese New Year and had spent the best part of a month away from Shanghai, one had returned to Shanghai after a year away and one has never even been and lives in Australia but despite these differences and time and distance spent apart, it is crystal clear to see that there was a common theme in every conversation I had with them and that was gratitude.


While they are all walking along their own paths in different industries and different countries their words different, the intention was the same and it was along these lines…

be grateful for everything small thing and don’t forget how amazing life is

Amy does this by reflecting on her day before going to bed and thinking about what unexpected positive things happened.

Stella has a notebook and writes down things all the positive things when they happen.

Jess makes the time to plan for things and do the things she loves instead of just thinking about them.

And so what about me?

After each conversation I had with them, I thought ‘how can I make this a bigger part of my life?’

I am a happy person for the most part and my yoga journey is allowing me to be happier more often, that I can say for certain.

So I had a think…and thought some more and some more but sometimes thinking doesn’t always find the answer.

I left it and yesterday morning an idea popped into my head during my morning meditation and I knew how I would make this a bigger part of my life. What I could do so that the positive things are easy to see and are not hidden by the negative pollution in my head.


I would make a Grateful Wall!


But what is that I hear you ask?


Honestly, I have no idea but this is what my Grateful Wall is 🙂


So colour paper bought I came home, got me coloured pen, sellotape and highlighters and I was good to go.


It didn’t take long to do and Jazzy being the wonderful assistant she is was on hand for moral support.



Today is raining, it’s cold and I had arranged to meet a friend at 2pm. Not gonna lie the thought crossed my mind to cancel and stay home warm and dry but I didn’t. I am so glad I didn’t. It was a brilliant afternoon and much laughter was had. When I came home I was thinking that so many great things happened today to put on my Grateful Wall.



Later, as I was unpacking my shopping (I went to Tesco’s on the way home) I realised I had left my chocolate bar at Tesco’s. I didn’t pack it in my bag as I wanted to eat it on the way home but I forgot to pick it up as I left. This is what made it onto my Grateful Wall for today for the simple reason, I didn’t need it and deep down didn’t want it. It is an unhealthy habit I am trying to break. By forgetting it, I didn’t eat it.



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