How are you feeling right now

2nd February 2015

Forget about your life situation for a while and pay attention to your life.



What is the difference?

Your life situation exists in time.

Your life is now.


Your life situation is mind-stuff.

Your life is real.



I found out about The Power of Now from a previous colleague. He never struck me as someone who would be into this kind of literature and to be honest, I never thought I was either.


It took me ages, and I mean months and months to read this book. I understood the words but the way they had been put together to explain and answer and inform and question just had me, for the most part scratching my head.


It wasn’t until I was riding my bike home one night and a car cut me up, quite badly. I felt the anger racing up my body, over my chest towards my throat and I felt my muscles tighten…


Then a voice said ‘Watch the emotion. Just watch it. And watch it subside.’


I kid you not it was like someone pushed pause on my anger.

I watched it.

I could feel it.

I could see it.

It just stopped rising.

It didn’t go away, not instantly but it didn’t become something.

It never became an overwhelming emotion that would have convinced me that I was justified to relieve the story of ‘the idiot driver’ who cut me up on my way home and related anger to anyone who would listen whenever ‘idiot drivers’ were bought up as a topic of conversation.


Riding the rest of the way home I kept checking in on my anger and after a minute or two it had gone. Totally gone.


That night I started reading The Power of Now again but this time I got it. Not all of it. Not on every level. But I got more of it than I had before. I always dip in and out of it and every time I get it a little bit more 🙂






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