13th January 2015


Being aware of breath in yoga is very important and is also very tricky.



When was the last night you noticed your breath? Was it when you were angry or excited? Had you just been running? Most people are only aware of their breath when they are in the grips of an extreme emotion or have completed a strenuous physical activity.


But what is your breath like when you are just sitting down or walking the dog or doing the washing up? Have you ever taken the time to notice how you breathe?


Not everyone breathes the same, some people breathe very shallow, some from the diaphragm, some people breathe through their nose, others through their mouth.


There is no right way to breathe but there are ways to breathe by using different sets of muscles to allow your lungs to fully inhale and fully exhale.


So how does this relate to your yoga practice? 


Remember these few rules and make sure your breath lasts as long as the movement, you should never be gasping for air.


If you find yourself gasping for air, make the movements shorter and add Pranayama techniques into your daily practice.


Whenever you bend forward, you are exhaling.

Whenever you bend back, you are inhaling.

Whenever you are expanding, you are inhaling.

Whenever you have a contraction of on your stomach or on your chest while bending forward, you are exhaling.

Whenever you are twisting, you are exhaling.

Asana and how we live our lives.
Pranayama section
The Yoga of Caring
Dr Jayadeva



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